Access the wisdom in your body, integrate past experiences, watch anxiety fall away and live your life empowered!

with Relational Somatic Therapy and Mindfulness training

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Counselling for trauma resolution and integration, resilience, empowerment and relief of physical symptoms!

Areas of Passion and Expertise
expanding resilience by being with:

  • Family of origin difficulties
  • Childhood trauma
  • Increasing access to authentic self and self expression
  • Chronic pain (syndromes and diseases)
  • Parenting information and challenges
  • Difficulties in relationships
  • Gender-based violence (sexualized violence, domestic violence, emotional and psychological abuse)
  • Healing from traumatic birthing processes
  • Preparing and healing from medical procedures
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms (Learn more)
  • Ecological collapse grief/trauma
  • Activist specific grief/trauma
  • Living as a Highly Sensitive Person/ parent of a Highly Sensitive Child
  • Disordered Eating, Body Image issues, Body Dysmorphia, Exercise Addiction

Are you ready to feel more connected and resilient, and let go of anxiety?

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